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If you want more control on this popular pdf to word converter, then use the Preferences tab to set the document save route, default word, and picture format, except for the image resolution you choose, does it work correctly? Well, as usual, there are several problems with this instrument. In a converted document, complex formats do not always repeat faithfully. We found some color mismatch in the test file. 1 The pictures in the document have lines, which makes it impossible to use them effectively. However, most conversions are smooth. Some conversion types are particularly effective (PDF > Image), and in the balance unipdf provide sufficient power to guarantee settings.

Just pay attention to setting the toolbar; We are offered five, but you can bypass them all if you continue clicking “Drop”. In most cases, the converter tool is used to turn a PDF into a Word file. However, in some cases, you may have to create an image document, or you may need to generate a simple text file from a PDF. Unipdf provides multiple conversion options that allow you to convert PDF files to Word, Word, HTML, text, or image files. The converter application includes an incredibly simple and easy-to-use interface. You can upload the file by clicking Add, or simply drag and drop the document into the Transformations panel. Once you do this, all you have to do is click ‘ Convert ‘ and the document will easily be converted to the format you choose. Like most free programs, Unipdf has some junk software. It will try to bring a toolbar to the browser, change the homepage, and build your favorite default search engine. They are not malicious changes, but may be inconvenient to the user. Again, you can get a converter application by paying more money to choose what’s OK.

After all, everything has to pay the price. Unipdf is a completely free PDF to Word converter (pdf to DOC), which is user-friendly, fast download, and skips the obfuscation option found in other applications. Unipdf has a desktop application for Windows that converts PDFs to some supported output formats. Unipdf is super easy to use. You can drag and drop PDFs into your application in a snapshot, and then quickly select some preset output formats for conversion. I find it only a bit disturbing that if you want to convert a PDF to a photo or Word document file, you must first enter your preferences and select the file format that will be used when you select a picture or word preset.
Not only can you convert PDFs, then there are options for PNG in JPG, for example-it is a default option setting that you must make a modified format for.

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